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Any Professional


$100+60 min

Barbering Maintaince

$85+60 min

Haircut & Color

$255+120 min

Bleach And Tone Maintaince

This service is for those looking for a whole head retouch of Bleach + tone.

$185+120 min

Color Transformation

This service if for those that have not had any color in the past 6 + months and are looking for a new overall look.

$275+150 min


This service is for those that want to refresh haircolor with a gloss for light reflection. Lasts 4-6 weeks great for in between color services.

$13560 min


For those that have had a Highlight or Balayage in the last 4-6 months. This is a full highlight that will give you brightness and definition throughout the hair.

$225+120 min

Highlight/Balayage Face Frame

This service is good if you have had full highlights or balayage in the last 3-4 months. This partial highlight will focus around the face and is ideal for refreshing brightness

$155+90 min

Root Refresh

This service is direct on the scalp to cover greys if you have less than 2” of natural grow out.

$12090 min

Bly Dry Style

Price Varies30 min

Haircut With Nicole Brown

$15060 min

Semi-permanent Straightening

Fight Frizz and bring smoothness and shine to your hair using Oway Hstraighten. Formaldehyde free, fume free, made without synthetic fragrance. Results last 3-5 months depending on hair type and at home maintenance.

$255+120 min